Anna Camille - born 1972 in England of French-Seychellois and Finnish descent, Anna began to play the violin at the age of three and from the age of six was regularly a prize-winner at competitions. A future in music was confirmed on winning a scholarship to the specialist music school - Purcell School of Music London, at the age of thirteen. During her formative years, Anna concentrated equally on both music and art, finally deciding at the age of eighteen to devote herself solely to the violin. Graduating from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London in 1995, she continued her studies in Switzerland, later becoming the Leader of the Basel Sinfonietta.  Over the last ten years Anna has dedicated more and more of her time and energy to drawing and painting, finally leaving her position at the Basel Sinfonietta in 2010. Since 2009 Anna has been showing in group and solo exhibitions in Zürich, Basel, Hannover and Hamburg and since 2013, regularly at Galerie de la Cabrerisse in the Corbières.


Anna Camille moved to St Laurent de la Cabrerisse, a village in Languedoc-Rousillon in 2013. The village is situated in the 'pays Cathares' with a multitude of chateaus, abbeys and vineyards, near to Abbaye de Fonfroide and Lagrasse. Since 2013, Anna has been renovating the Maison de Maître, an important historical building in the village, known locally as 'le petit chateau' and opened Galerie de la Cabrerisse on its premises in 2015.





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Why. Anna Camille

Why.   53cm x 38cm

le repas_Anna Camille

Le repas   40cm x 53cm


Dedans_Anna Camille 

Dedans    80cm x 110cm


                      Xira von Rheinfelden 22.07.98 - 17.05.16

                               30cm x 43cm

 Back to front_Anna Camille

 Back to front    80cm x 119cm


                            Une pensée    41cm x 65cm


Avant le vent   100cm x 80cm

           David Bowie Mugshot_Anna Camille

              David Bowie - Mugshot    35cm x 49cm (sold)


Within the frame     60cm x 129cm


Dans la cuisine     36cm x 44cm (sold)


Temps perdus    60cm x 79cm




Au printemps 70cm x80cm
















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